Can the Poshmark Community Work a Miracle?

I believe, with all my heart, that it can!
Beloved Posher Amanda @arcross82 is in **DIRE** need of a liver transplant!! We all know her for her absolutely fabulous listings where she transports herself into the most beautiful (and often hilarious) backdrops.
But what many don’t realize is that she suffers from terminal liver disease that is rapidly deteriorating & time is of the essence. We are attempting to leverage our huge Poshmark community and work a miracle for this brave & wonderful soul. She radiates kindness, a pure heart, light to everyone who knows her and couldn’t be more deserving!
The very summarized details:
-Donor can be living (a lobe only is needed and the liver grows back)!
-MUST be O+ or O- blood type
-MUST be in good health with no history of cancer or serious illness
-Her insurance WILL COVER THIS, including your recovery.
-You will NOT be paid for this. This is an act of selflessness.
Please reach out to her or myself if you are considering helping in any way, and, if your heart is as big as I know one of yours can be, please consider being a living donor and saving her life. You can read more about living donation here. Please share this far and wide! I have a listing in my closet that can be shared and reshared if you’re willing.
Thank you so much for reading and helping. Let’s band together to change her life & prove that our community can move mountains!

Poshmark & Social Commerce – The New Way to Shop

Manish Chandra just posted a blog that makes this geek girl’s heart SING! It’s just full of DATA and yummy tidbits we’ve been itching to get our manicured mitts upon. (I especially loved seeing what’s trending across the country but also cringed a bit that it seems like fanny packs are back in, especially in my state of Tennessee!)

What I particularly love is this new e-commerce term: Social Commerce.

Think about it.



My mind is particularly blown a wee bit because, in retrospect, I realize that’s what we’ve been doing the whole time we’ve been Poshmark sellers, but did you ever really think that this is a benchmark moment, a new social construct in the making??

Sure, online selling and buying is normal for us but the numbers! Seeing how Social Commerce evolves into being by mixing all the social media platforms, influencers, and online resale platforms all together has formed a new way of shopping and developing style is mind blowing. It’s no longer out of the realm of possibility for someone who sees an item on HRH Meghan Markle (Aquazurra heels & Everlane cashmere sweaters) and be able to purchase the same styles – and feel confident doing it because they can actually talk to the seller about how items fit!!

People are now becoming much more confident and daring in their purchases because introducing a social element to the shopping experience empowers them to make bolder choices, not second guessing themselves about price, fit, condition – because there’s a conversation involved! Poshmark was (and is) on the leading edge of this new wave of how we shop. Poshers are members of the Posh community which doesn’t just include Poshmark. It extends into Facebook where there are tons of groups dedicated to the platform, allll the social media platforms, but also when you’re out & about and someone mentions your fabulous new boots, “Where did you find them?” — “I bought them on Poshmark!”, to consignment stores when you knowingly lock eyes with and grin at a fellow thrifter.

We are socially shopping online, moving and adapting what we’re doing based upon the platform we’re in but there’s still a non-screen phenomenon that happens when you’re bit by the Poshmark bug. You want to tell people about it. You want people to ask about your new boots because you want to crow about the deal you got! You want to empower the people who are Marie Kondo-ing their closets to signup and sell it on Poshmark instead! (Or, lets be real, you just want them to give you their trashbags instead of taking them to Goodwill, amiright??)

Fashion is now accessible to any and all who want to discover it and we have a social network behind us that’s cheering us on all the way. I, for one, am thrilled that I joined up six years ago and I’m going to be barreling into 2019 full tilt, confident that, even if I don’t always know what I’m doing, I have lots of other people I can lean on, talk to (even at 2am), and am doing it on a platform that supports me socially, ethically and is on the front-edge of this new fashion era. “Social commerce” for the win!

Happy Poshing!


Insta: Poshpaige661

What is “The Algorithm” & How Does it Affect Me in Poshmark?

First of all, I want to say that it’s FANTASTIC that people are trying to learn more about the inner workings of Poshmark. Kudos! That’s what’s going to set you apart. Today, I want to focus specifically on what a software algorithm is and consider how the algorithms affect you in your everyday Poshmark business model.

By its very definition, an algorithm is a formula that is coded to take a very specific action in a software program. Poshmark (the program) as a whole is a huuuuuuge, elaborate & beautiful puzzle of many, many algorithms all set to make Poshmark work. Every algorithm solves a problem, takes an action, triggers an action from another algorithm, helps gather data….it’s all quite complicated, really. You don’t have to be a software programmer to understand the basics of algorithms and why you should consider how your Poshmark closet actions are being affected by them.

I get a lot of questions such as:

“Did The Algorithm change? My closet slowed down a lot this week!”

“If I block this person will The Algorithm see that as bad or slow me down?”

“Everyone is always talking about ‘The Algorithm’ but I just don’t think it’s real. Is it real?” <—- my favorite question because it just makes me laugh. YEEEES, it’s real!! Algorithms are the very basis of software programming, ding dong!

The answer to all these questions is, “Yes,” but it’s a lot more complicated than just….yes. If Poshmark rolls out a new feature, that’s both new algorithms and changes to existing ones. Sure, it affects you. It can cause a temporary rhythm change in your closet. That’s normal; that’s software programming and releases. Want new features & bug fixes? Posh will be rolling out new programming (algorithms) to do that.

I’d like everyone, essentially, to stop obsessing about “the algorithm” and concentrate on how to leverage the Poshmark software platform to run your business.

But, back to the blocking question because this is one I get a LOT and I’m constantly counseling Poshers to hold back on the block button.

Blocking one person won’t hurt you – but blocking excessively will have a negative impact on your closet as its anti-community as well as unnecessary.

Why isn’t blocking necessary?

Because Posh has a ton of algorithms to handle the behaviors that make you want to block them in the first place!

Is the person you want to block spamming your listings? Flag their comments as spam and the algorithms written to solve that problem will remove the comment(s).

Are they a perv? Report them for harassment and flag their comments and let the software (algorithms) handle it. Even if you block them they can still see your closet so…what’s the point?

Ever notice how the spam accounts/comments where people are asking you to call them or email them just magically disappear without you reporting it? Algorithm!

Are they lowballing you? So what?? Counter with your lowest and let the Algorithm Gods get happy because you have positive activity happening in your closet (the act of receiving an offer and countering is “positive”). And I’ll reiterate what I always say – Always counter, never decline! Now, if you’ve countered them several times and they just seem to want to play games it’s completely fine to let a counter expire. That’s not negative.

I’m not saying there’s never a reason to block. Sometimes you just have to – and that’s ok! Just don’t be a block-happy person who automatically blocks every person that someone else has had a problem with because it’s completely unnecessary.

Everything we do has cause and effect and is monitored by the algorithms. We’ve talked about positive and negative behaviors before:


  • Following
  • Sharing (both self-shares & from the Feed)
  • Listing
  • Re-listing stale listings
  • Welcoming/sharing new Poshers
  • Purchasing & leaving Love Notes
  • Reviewing reported listings when Posh asks (in your Comments feed)
  • Fast ship time
  • Sharing to social media
  • Responding to offers (even at full ask!)


  • Excessive blocking
  • Using bots
  • Spamming listings
  • Making harassing comments
  • Non-compliant listings
  • Stale or old listings
  • Canceling orders
  • Slow ship time
  • Multiple cases opened against you
  • Excessive opening of cases against others
  • Outright declining of offers (always counter!)

The moral of this story is that you don’t really need to obsess too much about the elusive Algorithm (duh duh duhnnnnn!). Posh has this; it’s what they do. But you do need to focus on what is seen as positive and negative and making sure you’re doing those things.

I’ve recommended before to research how to optimize your closet activity such as using Lyn McLaughlin Cromar’s “30 Minute Method”, using my SEO method, finding what works for you. If listing and sharing in the wee hours of the morning is working for you – keep doing it! If you see a drop in activity that seems to have no explanation, ask yourself why – and be honest. Did you get into it with another Posher? Did you have a case opened against you? Did you drastically change what you normally do? Did you start using a bot?

The great thing is – you’ll bounce back. If you got throttled (closet slowed down) because you were being a Bad Little Posher, concentrate on doing all the positive activities and things will get back to normal. The algorithms don’t hold a grudge y’all. They’re a few million steps down the road by the time you’ve figured out anything even happened.

Remember: Posh is all about #PoshLove. If you succeed, Posh succeeds. They don’t want to intentionally slow down your business but they aren’t going to give you a boost if you’re not a positive member of the community either! Now, get back to work. That death pile isn’t going to list itself! 😊

Happy Poshing!


Poshmark Feature Spotlight: Michele Diamond 42mm Sport Sail Watch

Michele Diamond 42mm Sport Sail Watch in Box. Comes with original boxes, papers, authenticity card. Never worn. Has new battery. Chronographs work perfectly. 100% Authentic.

A three-eye chronograph graces the white stainless steel dial of Sport Sail watch. The signature Michele crown and mirrored logo are finishing touches. Stainless steel bracelet is interchangeable with any 20mm Michele strap. Case Size 38mm. Textured White Enamel Dial. Strap Size 20mm. Sapphire Crystal. Water Resistant 5 ATM.

Poshmark Product Spotlight: Morganite Sterling Silver Engagement or Right Hand Ring

Morganite Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver marked 925, size 7. Want the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further! Morganite is also the hottest new trend for engagement rings and this ring has some serious bling.

Stone types: Morganite and cubic zirconia

Total number of stones: 91

Total carat weight: 1.25 CTTW

Shape: Oval morganite and round cubic zirconia

Metal: 925 sterling silver (stamped)

Total metal weight: 3.5g

Band width: 0.08”

Gift box, velvet jewelry pouch & appraisal for $430 included

This gorgeous morganite sterling ring is the perfect gift or jewelry wardrobe addition!

SEO & Poshmark: How Search Engines Within & Outside of Poshmark Actually Work

Many seem a bit…confused…about how search engines, both inside of and outside of Poshmark actually work, so I wanted to explain in a little more detail how searching brings shoppers to your closets.

Searching Within Poshmark

As you know, when you list items you tag lots of things: brand, size, condition. When you’re searching inside Poshmark you have the ability to filter on these tags. For example, if I want to find a Womens Black Ralph Lauren Oxford Tote I will use Poshmark’s search feature under the Women’s category, filter on the brand & color and just use the search words “Oxford Tote”.

Notice how the search engine brought me exactly what I was looking for? I’m using an example from my own closet to show how the keywording of “Oxford Tote” and the combination of the filters can work within the app.

Searching Outside Poshmark

Lets say we want to find the same tote online. In my post I’ve used my SEO keyword rules to give myself optimal search engine optimization. If I want to find a “Ralph Lauren Oxford Black Leather Studded Tote” that’s exactly what I’m going to search for in Google. Here’s what happens when I do that…notice a couple of cool things.

First, my listing comes up as the first image.

Secondly, I’m in the top 10 of search results but it’s coming from Pinterest!

That’s right. Linking my account to Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and sharing to those sites when I list and ENL increases the odds of hitting the top ten! It’s tough to beat out the heavy hitters like large department stores (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) and eBay, but I managed to make the top ten by following the rules and linking social media.

Here’s the thing about searching outside of Poshmark though… those tags you use within the app? When you’re setting the size, brand, etc.? They don’t count in the outside search engines! Your keywords in the title and description are equally as important in this regard. If I had only put “leather studded tote” in my listing title I wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades to make it to the top of the search results. Being specific to what buyers are searching for is the key to hitting the market outside of Poshmark.

Using a combination of targeted style keywords and generic keywords doubles your chances of hitting your customer’s search. It’s really as simple as that.

Remember that the search rules inside the app aren’t the same outside the app and keep up with the SEO methods and you’ll do great!

Happy Poshing!

Kim aka @poshmark_paige

Poshmark Product Spotlight: Neiman Marcus Exclusive Collection Teal Moto Leather Biker Jacket

Neiman Marcus softest teal leather biker Moto jacket. Is this incredible, or what?! Like new, no spot or flaws, smoke free home. Grab your favorite boots & scarf & rock this gorgeous leather jacket! Buttery soft leather and amazing zipper detail with quilted detail on shoulders and elbows. Fully lined. Truly an investment piece and VERY on trend for fall/winter! This leather jacket from Neiman Marcus Exclusive Collection so it is super high dollar and it shows!

Kim aka @poshmark_paige

Feature Spotlight: Tory Burch Kerrington Square Multi Pottery Tote

I’ll feature an item from both my and others closets at least once a week. If you’d like to be featured drop me a link in the comments!

Kerrington Square Multi Pottery Print Tote Bag. Smoke free home. Zero signs of wear. No flaws. Perfect condition.

– Leather handles and trim

– Double handles with 8″ drop

– Open top

– Gold hardware

– Interior features 1 zip pocket, 1 slip pocket

– Approximate measurements: 16″(L) x 12″(H) x 6″(D)

The Tory Burch Kerrington is the perfect all purpose, stylish tote!

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